Edi Uni ranked as the 29th best uni in the world

Come on, baby

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The Times have released the new Higher Education World University Rankings for 2019, and what do you know? There Edinburgh are, ranking as the 29th best uni in the world.

The University of Edinburgh is one of the few UK universities to be ranked in the top 30 positions, slotting in nicely alongside the likes of UCL, Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge.

Despite facing a minor decline from the previous year, where Edinburgh ranked at 27th, there's no doubting that the uni will be made up with this, being ranked alongside other top institutions.

UK universities are very well-represented in the top 200, second only to the US.

If you're wondering what a university has to do in order to rank so highly in this table, well it's easy. You need to fill the main campus with alpacas when exam season is taking it's toll, and make sure you give out free keep cups to a handful of students once a year.