Edinburgh has been issued an AMBER weather warning

Welcome to Edinburgh, freshers

Edinburgh has been with an amber weather warning by the Met Office as Storm Ali makes its way over.

The Met Office have stated that Scotland can expect to be faced with winds of 65mph to 75mph.

The amber warning came into effect at 8am this morning, and is in place until 6pm this evening.

The extremity of these conditions has been commented on by the Met Office, stating that this weather could be a threat to life, as the risk of loose debris hitting people in the strong winds is very real.

The National Hurricane Centre added that power cuts and minor damage to property is also a potential outcome.

Should Storm Ali hit Edinburgh harder than it is set to do so, you’re advised to stay indoors and avoid any unnecessary journeying outside — so you might find yourselves setting up for a longer library sesh than you’d ever imagined in the first week of uni.

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