81 per cent voted ‘no’ in The Tab’s pronoun badge poll

Wearing a badge will not be compulsory

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81 per cent of people voted against the idea of pronoun badges in The Tab Edinburgh's poll, with only 19 per cent voting yes.

Last week EUSA announced they will be offering pronoun badges during Welcome Week to allow new students to specify whether they'd like to be referred to as 'he', 'she', or 'they', if they so desire.

The results revealed that the majority of voters are against the measure, with 81 per cent voting that no, they do not think the pronoun badges are a good idea, and only 19 per cent voting yes, in positive support of the badge idea.

At the time of publishing, over 5,000 people have voted in the Facebook poll.

EUSA has also pushed to install gender neutral toilets in university buildings

The Tab Edinburgh reached out to Kai O'Doherty, EUSA Vice President of Welfare, for further comment. Kai was able to confirm that under no circumstances will the wearing of badges be mandatory, and re-asserted that the badge scheme is part of EUSA's ongoing support for the LGBT+ community.

Kai said: "Edinburgh University Students’ Association is proud to be supporting transgender and non-binary students in a variety of ways, one of which is to provide pronoun pins, for people who wish to wear them. They are completely voluntary.

"We also support trans students in navigating University life, accessing facilities and support, and by educating our community on how to be trans-inclusive".