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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: The Final

It all comes down to this

Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill by now. We've all been on the journey through the four rounds, getting to know some of Edinburgh's finest along the way.

This is where we've ended up. Here, we have the winners of each of the four rounds. You now you get the chance to vote again for one last time.

The winner of this round will be crowned Edinburgh's BNOC of the Year 2018, let's do this.

Anusan Wijayendran, third year, Medicine (200 votes)

Anusan is one of Edinburgh's friendliest faces, and is one of the people behind 'Conscious', a group him and his friends from school set up 'Conscious' after they lost one of their close friends to suicide.

Their mission has always been to raise awareness of the issues which surround mental health. He's organised and hosted a great number of charitable events, all of which have been very glamorous and successful evenings.

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Georgie Rodgers, third year, History (140 votes)

Georgie is an OG face in Edinburgh's theatre scene. Since joining Edinburgh in 2015, she's been involved in fifteen university productions. Georgie has produced some, directed others, and of course acted in many of them as well.

Her biggest theatre achievement is probably the fact she was recently appointed as the President of EUSOG. The level Georgie's involvement in all these productions means that she's known by many people and continues to make more and more friends.

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Henry Coldstream, third year, Philosophy and Linguistics (177 votes)

Henry is savvy. He's organised. And, he's extremely well-known by almost everyone at Edi Uni.

He's another huge name in the Edinburgh theatre scene, having performed many times on the Bedlam stage, and now putting a lot of his time into being an Improvert.

He's performing with The Improverts for the entirety of the Fringe, as well as doing two weeks with Understudies, where he'll literally be doing improvised musicals every night for two weeks. That can't be easy.

Henry can't walk anywhere without being sucked into a 'stop and chat', but does Henry complain about this? No. He absolutely loves it, and is always happy to talk to his fans.

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Yas Rana, fourth year, Theology (121 votes)

Yas is the former co-editor of The Tab Edinburgh, he's not the author of this article, however.

Regardless of this, he's involved in many other parts of the university too. He's a key member of the cricket club, thus knowing many people in the sporting circle as well.

If push came to shove, Yas would probably have to say that his biggest achievements at Edinburgh weren't academic, nor were they anything to do with Tab career, and they weren't sports-related.

No. He'd have to hold his hands up and say that his biggest achievement is he's been to the Big Cheese almost 60 times now.

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