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The Edinburgh Uni Women’s Volleyball 1st Team are stranded in Bournemouth and crowdfunding to get home

They’ve been trying to get back since Wednesday

Edinburgh Uni's Women's 1st Volleyball Team have set up a GoFundMe to help them get back to Edinburgh after the treacherous winter weather left them stranded in Bournemouth and running out of funds.

The team travelled down on Wednesday morning for a game, but have been unable to get back because Storm Emma has ground all flights, trains and public transport to a halt.

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Their GoFundMe page urges any generous good Samaritans to donate so they can afford more overnight stays, food, and travel. The girls have been living off the same supplies and haven't had a change of clothes since Wednesday – and one of the team's inhalers is also said to have run out.

Rachel Morrison, captain of the team, told The Tab: "55 hours later, in the same underwear, a boat is our only remaining untested option to return to the 'burgh."

"We also would like to thank everyone who donated because last night we slept in -3 conditions and tonight we have an actual place to stay!"

So far the girls have raised £350 – £50 over their original target of £300.