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Going to a Scottish uni is worth it just for the Christmas break

A whole month off? Yes please

EUSA may be the bane of our lives, and student satisfaction may drop by the year, but sometimes we don't give the good old University of Edinburgh credit where it's due.

Like the fact that our exams are before Christmas, which, if we're lucky, results in an entire month off. Take a minute out of your day to appreciate the blessing, because it only comes but once a year…

There's no work to do

Somewhere, in some distant past, some old bloke in a hat and sash (probably) made the entirely sensible decision that all university exams should fall in December, rather than after the Christmas break.

As for all the complainers grumbling about not having enough revision time, or exams ruining your festive mood, may I remind you firstly that these days Christmas begins in mid-October, giving you plenty of time to overdose on sugar, glitter and Michael Bublé, but also that this means you can enjoy the actual festive season study-free. If that ain't a Christmas miracle, I don't know what is.

Trying to make your revision festive doesn't always work

You get a full month off (usually)

If you're lucky with exam dates, it's entirely possible that you'll get a full month off from mid-December to mid-January with no exam revision to get in the way of your Netflix habit. Not only is this usually way longer than the Christmas break at other unis, but it's just the right length.

Not quite long enough to start missing your uni friends, but definitely long enough to be able to spend the whole time indulging in food/drink/other bad habits without feeling guilty for not being productive or spending a second's thought on essays or (god forbid) the future. Needless to say, after the end-of-year deadline rush, this time to decompress is often much-needed.

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All your home friends will actually be at home

The winter break is a prime-time for school reunions. With everyone home for Christmas, there's no excuse to not meet up and exchange nostalgic anecdotes about how much better life was back in the sixth form (even though it definitely wasn't). T

his makes the Christmas holidays slightly more exciting than when Edinburgh decides to give us an Easter break nowhere near actual Easter, and going home is a peculiar pilgrimage when you've only got your parents to see. Sorry Mum and Dad, but sometimes you just need a good throwback hometown night out.

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Because duh…it's Christmas

Take a deep breath, and let yourself relax into the cinnamon-scented arms of the most wonderful time of the year. Let the jingle bells and angelic choirs caress your ears.

There, that's nice isn't it? It's warm, it's cosy, there's plenty of carbs, and you might even get given some new socks. How many of these small pleasures can you enjoy at any other semester juncture? None, that's how many. So pop on a Christmas hat, and start counting down the hours until the holidays*!

*that'll be 403 for me