This is Edinburgh’s best building and you’ve probably never heard of it

Lucky you if you’ve got your tutorials there

The Lister Learning and Teaching Centre was opened this academic year but Edinburgh students are really late in cottoning on to this architectural marvel.

We’ve all had a pint in the Library Bar, wondered why Old College’s lawn is better manicured than your own fingernails, and reluctantly admitted that there is something charming about Appleton Tower.

But we’re all yet to realise that these are all total outdated relics when compared to Lister.

Here’s why the Lister Learning and Teaching Centre is better than all the old crap buildings we have on campus.

These handy signs

Every tourist knows how to find New College. These subtle, yet tasteful signs, make sure only the real Edi heads can gain access to everyone’s soon-to-be favourite hang out.

This sick graffiti

DHT has an entrance sign at the front. Do you know what’s boring? Entrance Signs. Do you know what’s sick? Entrance Graffiti.

All these windows

Potterow has one big skylight. The Lister Learning and Teaching Centre has all these windows. There’s no question about which is better.

These lovely looking study areas

Yes, the library has books and a café, but it also has people. Come to these Black Mirror-esque tables and chairs to make sure your study session is lonely and therefore effective.

This on-trend ceiling

Minimalism is in. Edinburgh’s classical architecture is positively gaudy in comparison to this in-vogue minimalist, stripped back design.

Virgil Abloh could have designed this ceiling.

The secrets about the city it reveals

Think this is just a lovely view of Arthur’s Seat that is definitely better than the one from the top of Appleton? You’d be right, but look closer. For some reason there’s a weed-ridden patio on the roof of the building opposite. You won’t get any tour guides telling you that.