Triple mugging attack in the Meadows

They happened within 15 minutes of each other

In the early hours of Sunday morning there was a spate of vicious attacks in the Meadows area of Edinburgh.

In the time of only 15 minutes, between 3:10 and 3:25, three people were mugged.

Firstly, a 28-year-old man was assaulted but was able to get away and call the police.

This was followed by another attack on a 19-year-old man who was punched and robbed of his phone and wallet, concluding in an attack on two men aged 19 and 21 who had a sum of money stolen from them.

There were four attackers, who wore dark clothing and had scarves covering their faces so they were unrecognisable, however the police are still working to find out any information about their identities.

Speaking to The Tab, one of the victims, Callum Murray, 19, said: “I feel annoyed because usually Edinburgh is a very safe city so it’s surprising that this has happened to me here.

“If I was to say something to the muggers, I’d ask why they see the need to get four lads to beat up one person in order to just get a few quid between them.”

Detective Sergeant Keith Fairbairn, from Gayfield CID, said: “Fortunately none of the victims were seriously injured as a result of these incidents and we are now eager to speak with any other members of the public who were within the Meadows during the early hours of Sunday morning.

“If you witnessed any suspicious activity, saw the group of males or believe you can help us identify these individuals, then please contact police immediately.”

None of the men were seriously injured, however it adds another reason as to why further measures need to be taken to ensure the Meadows becomes a safer place.