EUSA have removed the minimum card spend from all shops, bars and cafés

This is not a drill, EUSA are being useful

In a week where most of us feel like we’re all extras in an episode of The Walking Dead, EUSA has delivered us some good news.

EUSA Vice President for Services, Jenna Kelly, told the Tab that the minimum card spend was abolished as a result of “student comments made on a relatively regular occurrence.”

She also said: “We reviewed our fee structure with our card payment provider which has allowed us to remove the minimum spend on card transactions.”

The news comes at a good time as most students are probably surviving on a diet of solely coffee and stress, meaning that when you do need a top up, you now won’t end up with an armful of bananas and enough cereal bars to feed a small village. The change has taken place days after The Tab called for the end of the minimum card spend in EUSA venues.

Mmm, delicious stimulation

The end of the minimum card spend isn’t the only thing that EUSA have done today. They are also introducing 50p filter coffees with free mince pies for the exam season. A free mince pie!? Now there’s a way to any student’s heart.

In addition to this, EUSA have also said that they will also provide extra study spaces in the Wee Red Bar which students can book, and relaxation drop in classes in Kings’ buildings and Teviot. All in all, these changes will hopefully bring a little light to the darkness of the library, despite the fact that the sun still sets in the afternoon.