Edinburgh is the second most unhealthy uni campus in the country

Keep spending most our lives living in a pizza paradise

A study of 25 major universities across the UK has found that Edinburgh is the second most unhealthy in the country.

The data, collected by sellhousefast.uk, found that Edinburgh had a whopping 31 fast food outlets within a mile radius of the campus, tying for second with Leeds and beaten only by Plymouth which has 33.

Credit: sellhousefast.uk

This means that Edinburgh has over five times more fast food restaurants than unis like Durham, Birmingham and Derby who all tied for last place with only six outlets. This makes me wonder where all these fast food places are hiding, as to me Edinburgh feels like it is seriously lacking in any decent fast food.

The research also found that the most popular items were (shock horror) burgers, chips, kebabs and pizza. A truly groundbreaking study.