A guide to quick eats for when you’re stuck in the library

You deserve better than a £3 meal deal and you know it

Are your basic £3 meal deal lunches getting you down as much as revision and exams? Are you looking for alternative midday meals for reasonable prices that aren’t a million miles away from campus? Confined to the library through crippling fear of failure?

If your answer is yes to any of these then look no further, here’s a guide to the different places you can go to satisfy your hunger needs without breaking the bank or straying too far from the library during the trying times of deadlines and exams.

Red Box

Just around the corner from Appleton, Red Box is definitely not to be missed. For just £5.80 you can create your own noodle box by choosing your noodle type, meat (or veggie alternative), 3 lots of veg and a sauce.

You get more than you pay for with generous portions and the food is prepared very quickly, meaning that it doesn’t take too much precious time away from revision/essays.

Ting Thai Caravan

Right opposite Bristo Square, Ting Thai Caravan is a nice edgy alternative to the sad, mainstream £3 meal deal. The wide selection of street-style Thai food means there’s something for everyone and £5/6 for a tasty, insta-worthy meal from the lunchtime menu isn’t too bad at all.

Definitely try to avoid the lunch rush if you want to be seated straight away (it’s small in comparison to how popular it is) but the speedy service means that you won’t be away from the library too long anyway.

So edgy it hurts


Despite not being the healthiest option on the list, the newly-refurbished KFC needs a little mention. A 2-min walk from George Square on Nicolson Street, it’s hard to resist the temptation of a £1.99 popcorn chicken snackbox.

Although the portion size has a lot to be desired, you have to admit that the Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices is something special and a cheeky trip to KFC isn’t going to hurt anyone (especially if it costs less than £2).


Right on campus, Teviot should not be overlooked as an option for a lunch break from the library. The atmosphere itself is ideal if you’re wanting to get away from the studying environment and it helps that the food is reasonably priced.

£1.80/90 for chips or wedges, respectively, is not to be grumbled at and £3 nachos from 3-7pm Monday-Thursday are a bargain!


With the slogan, ‘A Gluten-Free Brazil in a Box’, Tupiniquim’s crepes are a healthy way of refuelling during those long library stints. The little green hut is close to George Square, just at the top of Middle Meadow Walk, and you’re able to watch your food be prepared right in front of you.

Whether you go for steak, jalapenos and cheese or a sweet sugar and lemon crepe, you’re guaranteed to have a top notch food experience with great value for money!

Bar Burrito

With tacos from £4.75 and burritos from £5.50, Bar Burrito is hard to resist if you’re wanting to spice up your life (Mexican-style). A few doors up from Ting Thai, it’s perfect for a mid-revision snack to keep you going. N.B: Anywhere where you can add a side of fresh guac for less than £1 is a must, am I right?

Africano Wrap Place and The Nile Valley Café

Located just opposite Appleton, the African Wrap Place and Nile Valley Café are a must for those who are looking for a healthier and authentic lunch. Priced between £3 and £4, their wraps include; falafel, African, Bary (Hummus), chicken and a variety of different vegetable accompaniments, meaning there’s something for everyone!

The smell of the wraps being freshly made is enough to lure anyone and everyone in so do your best to avoid the busier hours of the day.

BaGet Stuffed

With student discount and a meal deal available with baguettes, paninis, wraps and jacket potatoes, at BaGet Stuffed you can fill yourself up for under a fiver. They have a wide range of available fillings and toppings, allowing you to order exactly what you want and there’s even a loyalty card giving you your 12th baguette/panini for free, what more could you ask for?

Busy busy

On The Roll

Located in George Square throughout the week, On the Roll is in a prime position to fulfil all of your Bratwurst, Currywurst and Krakauer needs. Their sausages are imported straight from the Münsterland region of Germany and their distinctive spicy sauce is homemade to ensure you get an authentic German takeaway food experience.

The Pizza Box

Another gem on George Square, The Pizza Box offers you the opportunity to get a 10” pizza for just £4.50. The pizzas are made to order, making them extremely fresh and extra toppings only cost an extra 50p, what a bargain!

The base is nice and crispy (meaning less spillage) and the location means it’s perfect for a saunter around George Square, pizza in hand, not even remotely thinking about the impending doom of deadlines/exams.

£4.50 for a whole 10″??

We all know how stressful this time of year can be so hopefully you’ve seen something that takes your fancy and treat yo’self, you deserve it.