Every Christmas Ad worth watching this year

John Lewis, you’ve disappointed us

Halloween is over, Bonfire Night was as disappointing as ever and Thanksgiving is only a warm up, so it must be that time of year again.

John Lewis aren’t the only ones cashing in, so let’s get Christmassy:

John Lewis 

With their rep for unnecessarily tear-jerking ads, seeing a dog in the thumbnail sent alarm bells ringing maybe I should just skip this year’s, but I’m so glad I didn’t.

Cry Factor: 0/10

Cute Animals Doing Funny Things Factor: 10/10



Behind every great man is an even greater woman, and Mr and Mrs Claus are no exception.

Cry Factor: Around 5/10 if you’re currently missing your annoying little brother

Girl Power Factor: 10/10



Who expected Aldi to be in the running for the best Christmas ad in 2016? And with a carrot protagonist? If you thought this was weird, wait to see the Australian version.

Cry Factor: 0/10. Although, I do have mixed feelings about that roasted carrot.

Cute Vegetables Doing Funny Things factor: 10/10



You’re kidding me. Lidl is not allowed to make me cry over Christmassy feels. All I want from Lidl is a week’s worth of groceries for £6. This is too much.

Cry Factor: 7/10 but only because I’m weak about old people.

Started as a Brora ad, potentially dipping in to a The Shining-esque movie trailer, before revealing its true form as an attempt at a heartwarming, happy-cry seasonal ad campaign factor: 10/10



All we have to care about here is how James Cordon got roped into singing an original, three and a half minute number for a supermarket chain Christmas ad.

Don’t worry, I could hardly be arsed to watch the whole thing, so don’t feel obliged to.

Cry factor: 0/10

James’ voice tho: 10/10



Another unexpected one and dear God this killed me.

Honestly, this wins in my books. Everyone else – Kevin the Carrot, Buster the Boxer, James Cordon can come back next year when you’ve got old person teddies waddling about buying duty free shortbread. I can’t handle this.

Everything: 10/10



This is actually way more dramatic and way more beautiful than most films I’ve watched. I too would travel miles and risk getting eaten by a falcon for a mince pie at the moment, I’ll be honest.

If you thought that was cute and you haven’t seen Pixar’s short film Piper, please do, it’s so so so lovely:

Cry Factor: 0/10

Spin-off film potential Factor: Please/10


Aldi Australia: 

With a sneaking suspicion, I looked up Australian Christmas ads, and wow I am so glad I did.

Cry Factor: 0/10

Accurate Representation of what every Christmas Feels Like as an Aussie Factor: 10/10