Cescy Josephson

Cescy Josephson
Edinburgh University


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Newington Kebab Shop named best in Scotland at British Kebab Awards

Head to Verdo for the drunk food of winners

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Geek chic is in

Staff tell us what it’s like working at the 24 hour Princes Street McDonald’s

It’s a zoo out there

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Mormons vs. no Mormons – need I say more?

The Echo Falls Society are having an Echo Falls Vodka party at Potterow tomorrow

Three guesses where we’re going for pres

A scientific explanation of what your favourite VK flavour says about you

If you drink orange ones, you’ve got your shit together.

Don’t panic but there are going to be dogs in Teviot next month

No need to chase them around the meadows for a cuddle anymore

Dear Edinburgh club scene, please hurry up and accept my PASS card

The government is clear on this – PASS cards SHOULD be accepted

I don’t get people who wear culottes so I tried wearing them for a week

They’re just not warm enough for Scotland

How to love life when you don’t have an I.D for a whole month

Give it up, no one’s going to Hive with you on a Monday

Dogs of the Meadows

The only important story on campus

Yesterday was St. Andrew’s Day and Edi students didn’t have a clue

Loads didn’t even know it was a bank holiday

Things I’ve legitimately heard Edinburgh students say

It’s getting harder and harder to deny the Edinburgh student stereotype

Every Christmas Ad worth watching this year

John Lewis, you’ve disappointed us

Edinburgh is the 6th most employable university in UK

We’re 32nd in the world

I took my 15 year old brother to Edinburgh Uni with me

And this is what he made of it all

Edinburgh student Alanis Kyle missing since Thursday morning

She was last seen on CCTV at Edinburgh Waverley

I cooked a three course meal for my Pollock pantry

No oven? No worries.

We spoke to pitch invading fresher from the varsity

Because odds on is legally binding