Edinburgh Uni according to The Student Room

‘Just a heads up that EUSA is terrible’

With over 1.8 million members, you can understand why The Student Room is the place where many prospective students turn to in the hope of finding those all important answers about uni when choosing where to spend the best years of their lives.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the site, it’s an online forum where you can ask questions about anything from uni to health, lifestyle or relationships. While it can be useful in helping to choose which uni suits you best in terms of vibes, extra-curricular activities and facilities, some questions and threads make some entertaining reading, mostly for the wrong reasons.

After searching as many University of Edinburgh threads as my sanity could handle, I’ve picked out a few of the more stand-out comments for you to enjoy.


“Which accommodation is best? Shall I pick catered or self catered? Do I apply for a small or large size room? When do I need to apply?”

Mind = blown.

At least the ‘swish’ common room makes up for it being a ‘grubbier place’.

As a former hermit, this one hit a nerve. Hermits croft even has its own cat.


The after party in pizza paradise is all we need.

Hive till we die.


EmmaLouise759 you keen bean – just wait until third year, love.

Some freshers events ‘cheesy’? Never.

Concentrating on studies in the day? The Dream.

Whatever floats your boat – we won’t judge.

Edinburgh vs. St. Andrews

Since when has Edinburgh lacked students and ‘well to do people’? The 23rd in line to the throne goes here.

Does St. Andrews have a ‘magical’ train station? Didn’t think so.

Best of the Rest

£2.80 for a VK, say no more.

Sorry, what?

Awesome, see you around Filippo T!