Edinburgh University: We want nap pods

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Last week an email was sent out by the Buchanan Institute which contained a survey entitled ‘do we need nap spaces at Edinburgh University?’. The intention was to provide research to present to the University and potentially lobby them to provide Edinburgh students with ‘nap pods’ on campus.

You can take the survey here.

We believe that, yes – we do need nap spaces on campus.

Edinburgh University has a responsibility for the well-being of its student. Students are expected to work long hours and late nights to achieve the grades expected of them. Many students at Edinburgh have part-time jobs that they rely on to support them through university. STUDENTS GET TIRED.

We believe that Edinburgh University should provide its students with spaces to sleep whilst on campus. By doing this the University will be taking a much needed step forwards in providing students with adequate mental health support. An issue too often ignored by British universities.


We want to help bring around meaningful change at the university this year. Join us and help make Edinburgh University nap pods a reality.

Please sign the petition.