We spoke to pitch invading fresher from the varsity

Because odds on is legally binding


For first years at Edinburgh, the rugby game against St Andrew’s last weekend was a great way to really get involved in some university spirit.

But it seems like the excitement all got a bit much for new history student, Charlie Pollard, as he gave the Edinburgh first XV a run for their money with his solo performance on pitch.

Video taken by Jasper Leadbeater 

Given his success in front of more than 10,000 students in the stands at Murrayfield, we had a quick catch up with Charlie to find out some more;

First of all, how did it happen? 

“I lost odds on of 10-to-1 to sit in the steward’s chair, or on his lap.. so I thought if I was going to go on to the pitch I may as well try and do it properly. Also, I guess I’d had a little bit to drink, so had a bit of Dutch Courage too. So it didn’t exactly go to plan, I ended up running through the post and on to the other side and back, then finally got caught in the stand. I was pretty tired by that point.”

It was a pretty impressive run, will we see you out there in kit any time soon? 

“I don’t know if I’ll be playing at Murrayfield, probably not. I’m not on a team yet at all, perhaps that can be my initiation or something, but I am trying to play a bit of rugby at the moment, yeah.”

How much trouble did you get in after? 

“None at all, I got away with it luckily! They were very nice.. they sort of hauled me out but, I sort of chatted shit for about 10 minutes and then it was all okay. So that was very lucky. I can go to Murrayfield again, I can run on again if I want but I probably won’t – that’s probably my first and last time.”

Did you know you inspired two others to have a go as well? 

“Haha I did hear about that, yeah, but obviously I was kicked out so I didn’t see anything. I don’t know, each to their own – I’m not sure what the circumstances were there either, maybe they’d had odds on too!”