Parts of Edinburgh are without running water following a burst pipe

How long before we have to start drinking our own urine?

Parts of Edinburgh are without water following a burst pipe.

For the second time in two weeks, Edinburgh University buildings were left without running water following pipe problems.

According to Scottish Waters, the burst occurred Thursday night at about 11:30, and problems have been reported across central and outer regions of the city.

The Pleasance Sports Centre posted on Facebook this morning saying that they were without “showers, hand basins, toilets and water fountains” and apologised to students planning on using the centre today.

Elsewhere students living in the Nicholson Street area were left without the use of their showers or taps. Yas, a third year Theology student, who lives on South Clerk Street, said his flat was without water all morning until 2:30.

“Simple activities like cooking and going to the loo became slightly problematic.. having running water is something you take for granted until it’s gone.”

Pollock Halls, which was hit with the same problem last week, is again having to use emergency measures to ensure smooth running of the residences and the JMCC food hall.

According to Aisha, a 1st year Arabic and Politics student, the JMCC was using disposable cups and plastic cutlery at breakfast this morning. Showers and taps were reportedly not working as well.

This is the second time this has occurred in Pollock Halls since Freshers’ Week. A burst pipe led to the catered halls going without water on the Tuesday of Freshers’ Week – three days into their time at Edinburgh.