All the innocent things this year’s freshers are wondering about Edi

Bless their little hearts

Starting uni is a tough and confusing time for everyone. You have to worry about impressing new flatmates, coursemates, society mates, sorting out student finance, buying pots and pans you’ll never use, all while trying to enjoy the clusterfuck that is Freshers’ Week.

So it’s no wonder that the class of 2020 are feeling a little overwhelmed, turning to Facebook groups and Twitter for guidance in their hour of need. We rounded up the best and most naive questions they’ve been trying to answer.

Fraser Peters asks the important questions

Two weeks after results? yeah I think so

haha aren’t we all crazy with all our drinking??

You’re doing too much

Shoulda firmed it then mate

Dw about it Charlie, you’ll find mates

If you’re asking that question, you belong at Strathclyde


They don’t get any better once you start

Is that a real question?

Seems likely tbh

You’re not wrong there

You will be ‘bloshed’ for the next four years

Imagine if you went to uni in England…