An Edinburgh student is using Tinder to search for a job

She argues it’s proof she thinks outside the box


A Third-year International Relations student has decided to use Tinder to search for a summer internship in London.

Jessica Anderson moved to London to search for a summer internship. She said goodbye to a holiday in Thailand. She rented a flat. She answered 150 job adverts.

She didn’t receive a single acceptance.

Unsure what to do next, Jessica made the slightly outlandish decision to post her CV on her Tinder profile. In her Tinder bio she made it clear she was looking for an internship or work experience in a ‘broad range’ of fields, but was interested in working in finance and editorial.

The responses were mixed, and some even pretty strange, but Jessica is now looking at a large range of different job opportunities in the capital – potentially even the BBC or Sony.


We spoke to Jessica about how her Tinder networking was going:

Hi Jessica! What made you decide to use Tinder to search for a job?

I felt really demotivated after a rejection from a job I really wanted, then I just thought well there are literally 9 million people in London, a lot will be on tinder, it can’t hurt to get my CV out there.


Had you not started looking before you moved to London?

It was actually a really impulse decision, I’d saved up to go travelling in Thailand over the summer and then about 2 weeks ago I decided I’d rather try get my foot in the door job wise, so came to London and secured a flat, and I’ve just been looking for work since then.

Have you got anything that looks like a potential job yet through Tinder?

Yeah loads actually, the response has been mental. A lot of people have liked my approach and put me in touch with contacts, I’m currently emailing a guy at the BBC and a woman at Sony about interning over the summer. Also had a lot of response about working in marketing so I’m gonna keep my options open a little longer.

That’s really impressive! So would you recommend the Tinder approach to other people?

Only if they have thick skin… The negative response has also been intense.

Have you been on any actual Tinder dates since you updated your profile?

I’m totally not interested in any tinder dates in London actually, so when guys message saying ‘I don’t have a job for you but I can buy you a drink’ I just ignore them.


In the big, bad world of London this is clear proof that there’s nothing wrong with shameless networking.