Clubbers of the Week

How do you have time to go out?

We’re in the middle exams but these heroes still had enough time to go out.


Stunner of the Week

Yeah, i’d say she’s pretty fly

Runners up

Creeper of the Week

Sometimes you just gotta ‘cop a feel

Runners up

Wanker of the Week

We get it you vape…

Runners up

Are they trying to wink ? Are they just hammered ?!

Third wheel of the Week

Runners up

Mutant of the Week

This one is actually kind of impressive

Runners up

Hero of the Week

What are friends for eh ?

What’s more important, booze or mates?

Heroine of the Week

All I want is someone to look at me like she’s looking at that balloon

Runners up

Album cover of the Week

Runners up

WTFs of the Week

Is that meant to be a kiss ? Or a nose in the eye ?

I hope thats not his own shoe, otherwise he’ll probably still be there, stuck to the floor, wondering where his mates are


Best of the rest