We went back and looked at Edinburgh 2015/16 fresher pages

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

As the year ends, and a whole new group of prospective freshers gears up for the next chapter of their lives, we took the chance to look back at a time we can all remember, fondly, or less so. We decided to dredge up those infamous freshers pages we all joined and see if we couldn’t spot some familiar posts:

The Organised Fun

First up were the halls pages where the RAs always tried a bit too hard…

Everyone knows St Andrews is shit

Let’s face it, no one ever really went to any of these.

The Accommodation Predictions

How naive we were before we realised how bad halls actually were

Unless your rent is on the higher end of the scale, the halls are pretty basic and definitely not modern enough to have something as convenient as a lift.

Do we fuck have lifts

The Try Hard

They usually lurked about on the larger freshers groups with the overly friendly, trying-to-hard-to-be-quirky, introductory messages.

The Club Promoting

the ENDLESS stream of notifications about the “best” club nights to go to (that probably ended up being shit anyway)

Is it even that good?

It’s not a good sign when even people look unhappy in the promo pic

The Too Much Information Guy

That one guy who always commented on everything. Was usually the Try Hard as well.

Oh you’re blocked? Probably because you keep commenting stupid stuff

Trust me, no-one wants a notification every time you post something.

The Pollocks

You always knew there was something dickish about them

Please stop shoving your poshness in my face, we didn’t all go to a boarding school in the south of England.


The “a best friend is just a click-away” people

Trying to find similar minded people by asking all the generic questions. We all remember how the only way to start a conversation was “What course do you do?” “What halls are you in?” and “Where are you from?”… Painful…

so hardcore

Facebook friend does not equal real life friend.

The Keen Bean

Tab > Student

But seriously societies are the best way to meet cool people and branch out from the group you meet in halls during freshers week.

We can all look back now in agreement that these freshers pages were dark times, but at the end of the day we were poor lost lambs and although the posts were cringy as anything, most of us actually turned out to be pretty normal people.