Going to Hive is the best thing about living in Edinburgh

“Fuck it, let’s go to Hive”


We already know that Edinburgh is the best city in Scotland, and maybe the world. It’s famous for its worldwide renowned culture and pretty buildings, but it would be an insult to the great institution of Hive for it not to be mentioned when we’re talking about what makes Edinburgh great.

In a city that’s a melting pot of local Scots and middle-class Londoners, Hive is the one place where people of all backgrounds truly mix.

Now I’m not necessarily saying that this makes Hive the best club in the world, but it is genuinely unique and gives us memories we’ll cherish forever.

No Entry Fee

Now let’s be honest. There is no way so many people would go to this Niddry Street establishment if it weren’t for the free entry for five days a week.

It means you can spend more money inside on the cheap drinks, as well as not feeling too guilty for buying that doner on the way home.

The Smell

This is a truly wonderful phenomenon.

When you go to Hive the first few times, you’ll notice that it has quite a distinct smell – the sort of smell you associate with dodgy hostel bathrooms.

Now, that may not sound great but after you go a few times (and after you’ve drunk enough) you legit don’t smell anything anymore.

How many other clubs can say they’ve got their own odours?

Cult heroes

Hive is home to one of the most well-known men in Edinburgh, Michael Trang. The middle-aged hero can be seen on the Hive dance floor most days of the week. Michael summed up why he loves Hive by saying: “My favourite place to meet people is the dance floor. People love me in Hive because they see me happy-jumping and they want to join in.”

Characters like Michael give Hive the sort of charm the high-end clubs on George Street can only dream of.

No one takes themselves seriously

At Hive, no one takes themselves seriously at all. With the free entry, many people don’t actually plan their nights there and quite often just end up going when the pubs close.

The spontaneity of it means that most people don’t spend that much time making them themselves look good for the night. You’ve all been in that situation when you’re either at a party or in a pub like the Tron and you just think “fuck it, let’s go to Hive.”

The poppy music on most nights encourages people to really let themselves go. No one is ever guilty of trying to look cool in Hive.

The people

Being a student in Edinburgh can often feel like being in the Northernmost suburb of London, with the ridiculous number of Southerners here. Hive makes you feel like you’re actually in Edinburgh, with a great mix of local legends and posh Londoners. It’s also so nice getting away from the uni bubble, as sometimes George Street can feel like a Pollock Halls afterparty.

Hive till 5

Although not on during term time, Hive till 5 is legendary throughout the country as it becomes the go to place for Festival goers to enjoy themselves in August.

Early arrivers still have fun

For the real hardcore Hivers, they can enjoy themselves in Hive from 9pm-5am. Eight hours of glorious Hiving.

World Heritage Site

A little known fact about Hive.

As Edinburgh’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Hive being in Old Town, it technically is a part of a World Heritage Site. This puts it up there with some of the great landmarks in the world, including Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal, and Machu Picchu. They should make a T-shirt saying: “Paris, London, New York and Hive.”

All these ingredients make Hive the best thing about living in Edinburgh. It gives you great stories to tell people from elsewhere, because there almost definitely isn’t a club in the country like it.