Two Edinburgh students spat at and racially abused in George Square

They were allegedly called ‘terrorist whores’

According to a History lecturer, two Muslim students were victims of Islamophobia last week in George Square.

Dr Talat Ahmed told The Student that two girls, one of whom was wearing a hijab, came to her saying that they had been attacked. The girls told Ahmed that they had been spat at and called “motherfucking terrorist whores”.

Ahmed, who lectures on South Asian History, said that they came straight to her because they wanted “a female academic” to speak to.

“They came to see me because obviously they were very upset.”

Dr Talat declined to divulge the names of the students, saying that she had concerns for their safety and privacy.

Speaking to The Student, Shuwanna Aaron, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Convener at EUSA, said that the attack had further her anxieties about the safety of Muslim students on campus.

There has been no report made of the incident either to the University or to Police Scotland.