Uni to offer postgrad scholarships to refugees…but only if they got a First

They have to be of Syrian nationality

Edinburgh Edinburgh University refugees scholarship syrian

Edinburgh has announced they will being doing their bit to help Syrian refugees by offering up to three postgraduate scholarships.

The scholarships, which cover full tuition fees and a stipend of £14,000, will be available to Syrians wishing to study a one-year Master’s degree in 2016-17.

Those of Syrian nationality, either still living in Syria or who have sought refuge abroad, will all be eligible for the Edinburgh Global Syrian Postgraduate Scholarships.

The scholarships will be awarded to refugees of exceptional academic ability only, as a first-class honours degree is expected of them.

UK or EU undergrads with firsts can also apply for a regular Edinburgh uni scholarship of £10,000 to cover tuition fees

This initiative follows the news that the University will continue to provide £100,000 in refugee scholarship support over the next three years for students and staff with refugee status.

A team based in the University’s International Office will offer advice to prospective students and staff with refugee status.

And University of Edinburgh staff will provide a range of measures to help displaced staff and students, such as English language tuition, financial advice, counselling and support with admissions.

Edinburgh is a member of the CARA (Council for At Risk Academics) network and staff and student societies already engage with refugees in a variety of ways.