What’s it like to not be off during Innovative Learning Week?

Pretty rubbish

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While most of you spent this week innovatively learning by sleeping until a disgustingly late hour or going to Amsterdam, Medics and Vets had to have a full week of lectures.

They consistently rose before 8am, as the only work you did was a cursory thought about the coursework due in on Monday.

Poor guy

Poor guy

Rhuaraidh, a Medic fresher, managed to see the silver lining in everyone else’s week off: “There were considerably less New Town top knots about.”

Kathryn, another first year Medic, didn’t like the quiet around campus.

She said: “I didn’t like the quiet, I like to be able to talk to people pretty much all day.

“But I guess if you were a bit of a loner then it would be the perfect week.”

Hard at work

Hard at work

Kathryn added: “Dinner was quiet and breakfast was deserted except for Medics, which was good because there were no queues.

“But it was bad too, because all the Medics spent breakfast jealous that everyone else was still in bed.

“Also getting a ‘sorry for the late reply, just got up’ text at 3.24 after being up since 7.30 is just a joke.”

Luke, a first year Medic, didn’t appreciate everyone else getting a bit of rest and relaxation.

He said: “I want my fucking sleep.”

None of these shenanigans for medics this week

None of these shenanigans for Medics this week

Kathryn was also pretty scathing about the utility of Innovative Learning Week.

She said: “What opportunities to learn were there? I don’t think any of you actually learned anything all week, did you?

“I feel like you all just saw friends and went out.”

She’s not wrong.