We’re best friends and spent a week apart as a social experiment

Emotionally fine, logistically a nightmare

Aidan and I are best friends, and we accepted the challenge of spending
one week apart.

Ed: Aidan and I have known each other since we were four – 14 years of
school together, same uni and living together next year. So you might
say we’re pretty close.

The last time we saw each other for a week

The last time we saw each other for a week: Ed on the left, Aidan on the right

Aidan: When being asked to spend a week apart, I was quite happy, as Ed
is a prick. However, what neither of us realised is just how often we
actually see each other, made even worse by our mutual friends from
home coming up for a few days.

Ed: Our mate Ben came up but I only saw him for an hour before he went
to Why Not with Aidan. I spent my night having a wild one in the
library- maybe more a blessing in disguise.

Look how far back we go: Aidan on the left, Ed on the right

Look how far back we go: Aidan on the left, Ed on the right

Aidan: The next day, when looking for someone to go for lunch with, I
was told quite bluntly that I wasn’t allowed to come, as Ed was there.

It was at this moment that I realised this was a stupid idea and I was
hungry as shit.

Ed: Meal times did prove a bit of an issue. A few times I went to
breakfast only to end up eating alone because Aidan was with our
friends. Eventually friends would eat with us separately.

So close yet so far

So close yet so far

On one such occasion, our friend told me that this whole ordeal
reminded her of her parents getting divorced.

Aidan: Due to not being allowed to directly message, I came up with the
brilliant idea of sending Ed an e-mail containing an attached picture
of my complaints of our current friendship situation.

Ed: Obviously, this was fucking idiotic.

A blatant breach of the rules

A blatant breach of the rules

I responded accordingly and told him to play the game. I then left all
the group chats we were in together and made new ones sans Aidan.

Aidan: While in the past we’ve not seen each other for a week or more, the
lack of communication was new. Usually talking every day about stuff
like girls, uni and Ed’s potentially homosexuality, the sudden
inability to talk was mostly annoying and just inconvenient for
everyone involved.

Ed: The temptation to break the no communication rule was strong. Aidan proved to have a strong will though. One night I came back to Pollock Halls from the library and saw Aidan from a distance and shouted at him. Aidan ignored me and continued to walk. I realised what I’d done and scurried away, as ashamed as I would have been had I shat myself.

Reunited and it feels so good

Reunited and it feels so good

Aidan: Our friends seemed to take the no communication part badly also, asking why Ed had left all the group chats that we shared,
expressing how stupid the idea was, and just how annoying it would be.

Ed: And annoying it was. Spending a week apart from your best friend is really, really irritating more than anything. You don’t realise how much time you spend with them. It’s like if you suddenly didn’t have an index finger anymore; you take it for granted but you notice when it’s gone

Aidan: But the week is much easier than you’d think, if you’re prepared to eat alone.

Ed: Anyway, friendships are a social construct whose sole purpose is to
distract you from the inevitable oblivion that is death.

So it doesn’t really matter.