We asked you who you wanted your rector to be

Most of you don’t even know what a rector is

The competition is heating up as Steve Morrison, the co-founder of All3Media and current rector, Peter McColl, go head to head to be selected as the next University rector.

The rector does… well, nobody really knows.

But we took to George Square and asked the students of Edinburgh what they thought about the nominees.

And whether they thought the choice between two white, middle-aged Scots really did reflect the diversity of such a diverse and international university.

Emily and Emily, second year, Politics

They even speak in unison.

“We don’t really know what the rector does. The nominees should probably reflect the diversity of the university a bit more but it would help if we knew what they did”.

Gaby, first Year, History and Politics

Baffled by the election process.

“I don’t really know what the rector does but, personally, I don’t see it as being a big problem at all. The Rector should be chosen based on their merit.”

Sean, first year, Economics

He got his bottles.

“There should definitely be a black rector. I’d like him to be a bit gangsta. Teviot could do with some more hip hop.”

Christian, first year, History

He just wants what’s best for you.

“I don’t know what the rector is, but I trust that we will choose the most-qualified candidate. All I care is that we get somebody who does well for the University. But it probably would help if they had a more international background. I don’t see it as being a big problem but I would have expected there to be more international nominees.”

Maryam, second year International Relations

Maryam said she wasn’t looking her best today.

“As a Scottish University, it is good that there are two candidates from around here. Even better, one of the candidates went to the University of Edinburgh. They clearly would know what they were doing”.

Nic, first year, History 

Yes We Canada

“Where I come from, in Quebec, there was a controversy that there wasn’t a French Canadian rector. But the rector who was chosen was very good and did a lot for the university.

“I trust that the students here will choose the most-qualified candidate, regardless of their background.”

So, who will it be? McColl or Morrison?

YOU decide.