The Christmas Market is over-priced but we love it

Just leave your wallet at home

Christmas Edinburgh Food Market winter Wonderland

How better to procrastinate your revision than by attempting to get your Christmas present shopping out of the way by strolling around and resisting the temptation to not buy things for yourself.

As students, we’re all pretty used to the perpetual abyss of despair caused by living in a state of constant desire for food out of our budget.

But until you’ve been to the Christmas Market, you don’t know desire.

Nonetheless, you can still head along to Princes Street and try to blag as many free samples as your pride will allow. The cheese stands are pretty phenomenal…

A cheese pyramid. What more could you wish for.

And if you want to further indulge in your Christmas fat fest (that’s what Christmas jumpers were made for), the fudge and marzipan stalls will do the job.

Bubblegum marzipan. Try not to chunder.

Bored of reduced price Sainsbury’s sandwiches? Good news- I can wholeheartedly recommend a distinctly average French hotdog for £4.


But what else can you get for £4? Not a lot.

In fact, one stand has the audacity to charge this much for 5 strawberries on a stick, dipped in a bit of chocolate.

Perhaps a better investment would be the Jamaica Rum flavour coffee beans for sale- those could definitely help over the exam season.

And if you don’t spend all of your money on novelty hats and fairground rides, make sure you stop by the sweet stall- if not for the cavities, for the charming vendor.

He told my friend she should buy some blueberry laces, as they bring out the blue in her eyes. Her eyes are green.

He needs some better lines.

More importantly, what Christmas market would be complete without a friendly man selling wooden ties?

Vital products- while stocks last.

And for all you basic bitches out there, give your pumpkin spiced latte’s a break and try the Pimm’s Hot Toffee Apple.

If you drink enough you might just forget that you’ve just spent £15 on food for yourself and failed to buy any Christmas presents for your family.

Try again tomorrow.