ECFS: Are you excited?

You know you can’t wait

Everyone knows that university fashion shows are a big deal.

Like, a seriously big deal.

The story even goes that the St Andrews Fashion show was the inspiration behind the conception of Prince George.

But in the gigantian world of university fashion shows, one event dwarfs all others.

The Edinburgh University Charity Fashion Show just happens to be the biggest student run event in the whole of Europe.

And this year, it’s set to be bigger than ever.

We took to the streets to ask uni students what they were most looking forward to about it and what they were expecting from the event at which to see and be seen.

Katie – History of art students know what they are talking about

Katie, History of Art student.

“I love fashion because I love seeing outward reflections of an individual’s inner angst.

“I’m looking forward to the fashion show because it will be a psychological dissection of mankind’s psyche. In other words, it’s gonna be sick, sick, SICK.”

Autumn – art student, future designer?

Autumn, Art student.

“I’m looking forward to it because I have a few friends modelling in it.

“I’ve never been before so it should be good.

“I’m also really excited because I’ve heard that it’s James and the Giant Peach themed this year.”

(You heard wrong, Autumn. You heard wrong.)

James – fashion savvy linguistic student

James, Linguistics student.

“First and foremost, I can’t wait to see the male models.

“Secondly, I can’t wait to take the piss out of all the pouting and overly serious fashion types thinking that they’re in a real-life Next catalogue.”

Alfie – geography student posing for the camera

Alfie, Geography student.

“Fashion is love, fashion is life.”

Izzy and Sophie – History of art, ECFS committee members

Izzy and Sophie, History of Art students and members of the ECFS Committee.

Sophie: “I can’t wait for it. The committee meetings are just like the most glam things ever. Everyone is so glam.”

Izzy: “… And then there’s us…”

Sophie: “Yeah, but if the event is like the meetings then it will be amazing. Going to every committee meeting is like walking into a Condé Naste office.”

Izzy: “Absolutely. It’s somewhere in between that and the Devil Wears Prada. Albeit with less bitchiness and gay guys.”

So there you have it.

The excitement on campus for the fashion is palpable.

The theme for this year’s event is an ‘Elephant in the Room’ and it seems like all of you Ele-can’t wait.