Meet the Edinburgh Nursing lecturer who was turned into a Harry Potter character

But being bezzies with J.K. Rowling doesn’t mean your character will survive

Nymphadora Tonks was killed by her aunt Bellatrix in the final Harry Potter book, but the inspiration for her character lives on – lecturing on all things nursing at Edinburgh University.

For all her muggle expertise (she’s co-authored and co-edited several books that you can be pretty certain all have really long words in) she was unable to help her namesake survive.

We all know this of course, as witches and wizards aren’t real, and due to this photo, it’s clear that Tonks Fawcett is.

The lecturer has been pals with J.K Rowling for years – and a good friend too considering the author used both her names for characters in her wizarding series.

Her hair's been that colour since Lupin died

Her hair’s been that colour since Lupin died

Does the name Fawcett sound familiar too? Damn right, they’re the very same wizarding family that couldn’t get Quidditch World Cup Tickets. Classic Fawcetts always leaving things to the last minute – what are they like!

The question therefore remains, is our professor more like Nymphadora Tonks – the clumsy Metamorphmagus who ‘lacked the ability to behave’ at school – or S. Fawcett, who, after a presumably saucy episode with Stebbins in the rose gardens, was docked 10 points for Ravenclaw.

The one thing that we know for certain is that J.K Rowling has solemnly sworn Tonks Fawcett to be up to no good – S. Fawcett is the very same character that was forcefully ejected by Dumbledore’s age line in the Goblet of Fire, sprouting a white beard for her troubles.

And you thought getting kicked out of WhyNot was embarrassing.