I’m selling my name for art

Definitely not for attention

One of Edinburgh College of Art’s quirkier pupils is selling his name – because that’s what artists do.

And the 33-year-old expects everyone to believe there is a message behind his dramatic move, and not just a fame-hungry attitude. He said: “It’s about artists and how artists make money and how – as a young graduating artist – I can make money.

“When you are at art school you realise that people just make things and show them and then they either go in the bin or back to their room.

“This is an artwork that I can take with me everywhere.”

Alan will legally change his surname to that of the buyer’s, making him Edinburgh’s most creative gimp.

He announced his artistic venture on Twitter:

But it doesn’t look like Alan stunt is pulling the crowd he wanted. Edinburgh Zoo said: “It’s not something we are aware of. We don’t know enough about Alan.

“It’s unlikely that it would be an opportunity we’d be interested in, but good luck to him.”

Interested? Contact Alan on 07542614892