Students can blow £50 A NIGHT at EUSA Freshers’ Week

£40 on a Freshers’ band could encourage students to splurge more at expensive EUSA events

Edinburgh University eusa freshers' week

The average student who goes out on freshers pays over £200 in the space of a week.

A night out at a EUSA event with predrinks and a trip to buy food can easily add up to £50: £10 on predrinks, £10 entry, £20 on drinks at Big Cheese, £10 on takeaway.

Even buying the entry pass won’t reduce the overall cost of a night out when you add up the amount of booze bought through the week at pricey Big Cheese.

And unless you’ve brought your own kilt from home you will probably spend £50 to hire one for a ceilidh, or £20 on a pair of swimming shorts for the EUSA beach party.

Freshers conned into buying the £40 pass can expect to splurge extra cash on the expensive drinks compared to a night at Hive that offer free entry before 10pm and cheap booze.

Everyone loves a drinking game.
Keeping the cost down starts with pre. Bier Dior can be bought cheaply from Tesco’s, whilst Lidl’s Woodgate cider is only £1.19 for a 2 litre bottle.

Unless you like fancy imported beer stick to Fosters and Tennants. Four pint cans of Tennants can be bought for £4 at Tesco, compared with paying an average £3.00 a pint at Teviot.

Drinking games are a must for pre-night antics. Just make sure you can still stand up straight before the bouncers when you finally hit the town.

If you’re truly dedicated to getting wasted then you could always try to lose at ring of fire.

Big Cheese at Potterrow will host Scouting For Girls on Tuesday, which has been met with lukewarm reception recently on Twitter.

All EUSA events are a pricey £10 for entry, unless you fork out for the band.

With no discounts on drinks, factor in the costs of your VKs for every night out at a EUSA venue.

But if you feel like hitting it hard, a pass will be a valuable asset. Just don’t get roped into buying the ‘bundle’ EUSA will try to flog you.

Basshunter was met with a mixed reception last year

And you can expect to blow £140 at the Freshers’ Ball with the added £50 on suit hire.

Clerk’s Bar is offering big discounts on food and drink, and for Fresher’s week they’ve knocked Magner’s down to £2.25 a pint, and Drouthy Neebours offers an IPA for £2.04.

Closer into town and you can find seasonal discounts at pre-club drinking dens such as the Oz Bar and hard-rock bar Opium.

And, despite your better judgement, at some point you will visit The Hive. If you’re heading there on Friday or Saturday get stamped before 10pm to get in free.

You will lose more than just your dignity in this vomit smelling labyrinth.

You will lose more than just your dignity in this vomit smelling labyrinth.

Vodka and coke comes in at only £1 on weekdays in the Hive. If you plan to be a regular (which you will be, no matter how much you hate the place) get a free VIP card and reap the benefits of discounted drinks throughout the year.

And you can easily splurge at least £7 a night on takeaways, pizzas and burgers after a night out.


Drunk freshers have no spending limit on food

Taxis will often charge you more if you are nearby a club, whilst taxi ranks commonly charge an extra 10%. If you’re staying in halls you have no excuse – get walking.

A night out at a free entry club with predrinks and a takeaway can be far less expensive and make you £432 richer over the course of Freshers’.

If you are only interested in one thing EUSA has to offer this fresher’s then don’t bother buying the pass. £10 for one night at Potterrow is passable if you plan to go elsewhere this week.

Just don’t forget that you also have to eat food and buy course material on top of being a drunken mess during Freshers’.