Lecturers asked to snoop on Education students’ struggling finances

Staff claim nothing untoward has taken place

Freshers threatened with removal from Teviot for swearing

‘Nannying’ EUSA strikes again

The last straw: EUSA bans strawpedoing at The Big Cheese


Students can blow £50 A NIGHT at EUSA Freshers’ Week

£40 on a Freshers’ band could encourage students to splurge more at expensive EUSA events

The Tab Presents: Your VPS Candidates

The Tab’s exciting guide to your VPS Candidates!

The Tab Presents: Your Presidential Candidates

The Tab’s official guide to EUSA’s Presidential Election.

Segregation permitted on campus

EUSA have rejected an attempt to ban forced segregation on campus.

It’s official: EUSA declares it is a feminist

Welcome to the only officially feminist university in the country

EUSA decide to become “a feminist”

On Thursday 21st November, EUSA’s Student Council Meeting will vote on whether “EUSA is a feminist”

Dear EUSA…

EUSA need to stop being boring and get back to proposing ridiculous policies. A couple of scandals would be nice too.

Edinburgh Cuts Funding from Terror Weapons

Edinburgh University cut £1.2 million a year from terror-weapon company

EUSA By Elections Coming Soon

A guide to the best candidates for EUSA reps.

Cashless Societies

The lowdown on EUSA’s new policy.

There’s Nothing Smelly About The Big Cheese

Embracing the stink of cheese: why we’ll never drop pop