100 Years of Happy Feet at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo holding ‘Penguin Awareness Week’ to commemorate 100 years of having penguins here in Scotland.

On 25th January 1913 six penguins arrived on Scotland’s shores headed for Edinburgh Zoo. They were the first penguins to be kept in captivity in Europe, this unsurprisingly created a similar amount of excitement as the pandas brought in 2011.

Sadly I don’t think you’d see the same dapper outfits watching the parades this week

The daily ‘Penguin Parade’ has become world-renowned and a must-see for anyone visiting, which is why a diving penguin is featured on the zoo’s logo.

How does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together.

To commemorate this centenary, the zoo is holding ‘Penguin Awareness Week’ beginning on Monday 20th January. This means an additional penguin talk to be held at 11am each day as well as the regular talk and feed after the penguin parade at 2.15pm.

So if you are already fed up with tutorial reading and are well and truly feeling the January blues, what better way to cheer yourself up then watching a parade of Edinburgh’s very own adorable penguins.