Help! Keep an eye out for missing little boy

More bad news for Edinburgh, as police have asked people to help find missing three-year-old, Mikaeel Kular.

Sorry to (again) be the bearer of bad news, but police have made a public appeal to help find missing toddler, Mikaeel Kular.

The three-year-old, who was last seen going to bed at 9pm on Wednesday, was nowhere to be found in the morning when his mother woke up. He’s gone missing from the Ferry Gait Crescent, in the Drylaw area of Edinburgh (about 20 mins walk from Western General Hospital).

Three-year-old Mikaeel, who went missing on Wednesday.

Three-year-old Mikaeel, who went missing on Wednesday.

Little Mikaeel is thought to be around 3ft tall, and may have been wearing a beige hoodie and multi-coloured gloves when he went missing.

The appeal, which is now nationwide and has been covered all over the media, was launched by Supt. Liz McAinsh.

She has said: “Three-year-old children are quite resilient and they have quite a great deal of strength and ability to open doors and I’m assured that Mikaeel is capable of doing that…I would ask people in the locality please continue searching in your own personal property. If your neighbours are away, then think about searching their gardens, their sheds, common stairs, wheely bins.”

We’re obviously not asking you to wander down Marchmont Road stalking through people’s front gardens, but please keep a look out for this little one on your travels, so he can be returned as soon as possible, safe and sound.