Emily Rushton

Sunshine on Edinburgh (and Leith): The day in pictures

Contrary to popular belief, the sun still exists, and Edinburgh was lucky enough to experience it for a whole day.

Innovative Learning Tweet: The Best Of

The people behind Innovative Learning Week have finally found a sense of humour. And they are working it.

Cosmic girl power! Royal Soc of Edinburgh appoint their first ever female president.

We got rid of Robin Thicke. We became feminist. Now our Royal Society has their first female president. Girl power is spreading across Edinburgh, with a real zig-a-zig-aaaaa.

You know you went to a grammar school when..

We’re not private, but we’re not comprehensive state. We had stupid uniforms, but our education was free. So where do the grammar schools stand in the infamous private-state debate?

Help! Keep an eye out for missing little boy

More bad news for Edinburgh, as police have asked people to help find missing three-year-old, Mikaeel Kular.

Furious Feminists Try To Sack Secretary in Recording Row

Secretary, Sarah Manavis, has her position recalled after secretly recording a private meeting.

Underwhelming Strike follows Dramatic Student Protest

Extremely mediocre strike follows dramatic, student occupation yesterday.

Law Pirates Walk the Plank

Law students, who dressed up as Somali Pirates, issue Uni-wide apology.

“The Sex Club”

Government launch new initiative to protect and support ex-sex workers

We can be (working class) heroes

Emily Rushton looks into why the media are so concerned about the next generation of “working-class”

Edinburgh 9th Highest Millionaire Making Machine

Edinburgh ranks 9th in league table of millionaire-making universities

Life Lessons: From a Northerner to a Southerner

Because there’s nothing like a lil’ Northern-Southern lovin’.

Londoners Take Over Northerners in Uni Applications

Londoners 43% more likely to get to Uni than those in the North-East.

EUSA Sabbs “Gagged” From Protecting Students

Edinburgh’s sabbatical team legally ‘gagged’ from saying anything negative about the Uni.

The NUS doesn’t think Classics is a proper degree subject

Ancient discipline fails to make the NUS’ list of courses – losing out to prestigious disciplines like information studies

NUS Cut Classics as Degree Option

This is madness. But this isn’t Sparta.

Edinburgh bans ‘Blurred Lines’ from student buildings

No. 1 causing feminist stir has been banned from being played in all EUSA buildings.

The website making student life easier

Edinburgh students launch new student marketplace.

EUSA Ban ‘Blurred Lines’ In Lad Culture Clampdown

No. 1 causing feminist stir has been banned from being played in all EUSA buildings.

Freshers’ A – Z: Part 2

Our top pick of things to do with, inside of, and lurking near to Edinburgh.

Uni gags satire mag in free speech clampdown

Satirical newspaper Edinburgh Flipside forced to take down article supposedly causing offence.

Freshers’ A – Z: Part 1

Our top pick of things to do with, inside of, and lurking near to Edinburgh.

Heriot-WHAT? Edinburgh Fall Second To Rival Uni

The world’s most awkward moment has finally arrived, as Edinburgh ranks lower than Heriot-Watt, according to The Guardian.

The naked chefs

Students launch naked cookbook, so you can learn some new recipes while also ogling hotties

The Naked Student Cookbook

Drinking, Orgies and Boris Johnson

Within Classics, a subject renowned for its preoccupation with sex, filth and debauchery, how are its students so successfully avoiding sealing the deal?

Edinburgh Student Takes On Tough Mudder

Calum Hervieu takes on the toughest challenge on the planet.

Free Ben and Jerry’s in Bristo Square!

Finally seeing the sweeter side of Edinburgh in the midst of exams.

Hostage On The Royal Mile

Police say that suspects are holding a “bladed weapon”.

Edinburgh Exam Fail!

Social Anthropology students were given last year’s paper instead of the actual exam.

The Secret Slut: Cheating Our Way To Class

Exposing the very much exposed, unexposed.

Edinburgh grad becomes new Apprentice star!

The Economics graduate is going ‘all guns blazing’ in this year’s competition.

Edinburgh Storms Uni Rich List

Our alumni are amongst the richest in the country. Hoorah.

Panda Watch: Pandas Gone Wild – Porn, Penises and Pandemonium

Panda IVF.. what will they think of next?

Pandas Gone Wild: Porn, Penises and Pandemonium

Panda IVF.. what will they think of next?

Jack Sparrow loves Edinburgh!

Trust me, he told me face to face (and I wasn’t even drunk).

How Easy Is Your Degree?

Emily Rushton and Shayna Wilson delve into our degrees.

Food, Not So Glorious Food

Are our favourite food places as dirty as our students?

Edinburgh’s Cure For Stress: Puppies

Sod the counselling, lets bring in the puppies.

The Rape Bake Sale

Fighting against the funding crisis for a sexual violence support centre.

Beyoncé to sing at Graduation Ball

Edinburgh, can you handle it? I don’t think you can handle it.

Diary of a Scrunchie Girl

It’s not just a fashion item, it’s a lifestyle.

Corpse in a Car Park

Medieval corpse is found in Edinburgh car park.

The Truth About Drones: The Debate

Sex Between The Shelves

What’s really going on in Edinburgh University Library…

Changing the Face of Advertising

One fresher has found a novel way to cut down on his student debt