10 things you can’t get away with in Second Year

Semester One is almost over, those of you still hanging on to your fresher lifestyles might want to reconsider some things..


1. Shouting “FRESHERS” to justify drinking a concoction of alcoholic beverages that is guaranteed to make you “chunder everywah”

Remember those crazy nights a P-row

2. Saying “chunder”

Just don’t

3. Trying to convince your friends who were out every night in first year to come out more than once a week

Your experiences from first year preventing your spontaneity?

4. Turning the heating on whenever it’s cold – turns out every flat in Marchmont is colder on the inside and you have to pay energy bills

Staying warm becomes your number 1 priority by the end of September

5. Getting in a lift to the fourth floor of the library without a coffee in hand

I couldn’t possibly browse Facebook without some overpriced caffeine

6. Sitting down next to someone you don’t know in a lecture and trying to pipe up a conversation


No longer the new kids

7. Showing up to classes in a onesie

Anyone over the age of 3 should not be seen in public in one of these

8. Still not having climbed Arthur’s Seat, visited Edinburgh Castle or seen the pandas

Everyone should have this somewhere on their timeline as proof

9. Cracking open a 4-pack of Tenants outside Pollock before 11am

Stamina just isn’t the same anymore

10. Taking a ‘Walk of Shame’ from a fresher’s halls

All the more tragic in fancy dress