Official: Scotland Manliest Nation on Planet

Scotland was officially declared the manliest nation on earth, beating Australia, Russia and, of course, England.

Manliest Manly Poll Scotland Survey

A survey organised by “world’s manliest shaving range”, The Bluebeards Revenge, dubbed Scotland the manliest of nations. Scotland received 26% of the vote, with Australia coming a distant second with 16% and even Russia receiving only 14%.

Although Scotland is primarily known as the home of the man-skirt, it has also produced William Wallace, Sean Connery, Gerald Butler, Susan Boyle and Adam Smith (who could bench the ‘weight of nations’…).

Wearsh shkirt. Shtill conshiderably more mashculine than you.

England came in third with 15%, something Alex Salmond will be using to argue for Independence. Mr. Salmond has already suggested that, instead of the planned referendum, he and David Cameron could have a bare-knuckle boxing fight to decide Scotland’s fate.

Put ’em up!


Nick Gibbens, spokesperson for The Bluebeards Revenge, said: “When you look at the landscape, you know Scotland breeds a manly population. Geologically speaking, it is ancient, combining mountains, wilderness and Arctic landscape.

“Some of the toughest sports in the world are also played here. Who can overlook the Great Putt of the Inverness Stone at the Highland Games or the sport of Munro-Bagging that attracts only the brave and the hardy?”


And then there’s this.

More importantly: “Scotland also produces around 90% of all SAS members and is home to the deep fried mars bar.”

Apparently, this is manly.


The Full Top 10 Manliest Countries:
1.) Scotland 26%
2.) Australia 16%
3.) England 15%
4.) Russia 14%
5.) Finland 7%
6.) New Zealand 6%
7.) Ireland 5%
8.) Canada 4%
9.) Italy 3%
10.) USA 2%