“I Wanna Live Like Common People”

Pulp sang it, Edinburgh are living it. I want to know why Edinburgh’s poshest are trying so hard to dress like hobos.


If you haven’t already noticed from walking around campus in the last few weeks, it seems Edinburgh University is being overrun with bad extras from Saved by the Bell and a large number of aspiring, homeless people carrying a Starbucks and a MacBook Pro. The boy who was dropped off by his father, outside Pollock, in a Jag is now walking around George Square wearing a pair of denim dungarees, 12 rings on each hand and a smelly beanie.

Thrift shop fashion or faux pas?

Apparently looking as shit as possible is ‘edgy’ and the bigger your trust fund is the worse you try to look. The chances are that the boy wearing a beanie with bleached jeans in the corner of CabVol plays Polo and is 30th in line for the throne.

‘Edgy’ taken too far?

Those people sitting in the library in every item of clothing they could find with holes in, looking like bums straight off the Royal Mile, always have a Mac and an iPhone. A small effort to reassure those around them that they were not raised by wolves. Not to mention those smoking outside, discussing their trip to ‘Africah’ over summer with Bertie and Tullulah wearing a dirty Adidas sweatshirt and a greasy topknot ready for a night of taking illicit drugs down in Cowgate listening to repetitive beats.

Eton’s finest.

Forget your Ralph Lauren chinos and Jack Will gilets. Purchases from a poorly-lit Oxfam is the new rich-kid trend.