Man who attacked Durham students outside of Fabio’s sentenced to nine months in prison

He attacked the three students in August last year

A man named Liam Gallagher has been sentenced to nine months in prison following an attack that took place outside Fabio’s on 8th August  last year.

Shortly before 10pm, Gallagher approached the male student, calling him “a fancy Durham student” and making a homophobic statement, saying that he “must be gay” for entering the bar.

When trying to leave, Gallagher’s friend put his arms around one of the girls. After pushing him off, the student was then shoved into oncoming traffic by Gallagher himself who went on to later throw a drink at her, spit at her and punch her in the face, causing her to fall to the ground, hitting her head on the pavement.

He also punched the male student who tried to defend the girl, whilst further attempting to land a blow on the third student but ultimately missing.

The judge described the students’ presence outside Fabio’s as “pure misfortune”.

In an attempt to flee the scene, Gallagher was soon found by the police and arrested. Two of the students were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries sustained.

Despite denying hitting any women in his interview, Gallagher admitted to two counts of assault causing bodily harm and one of common assault.

The court also heard about his nine past convictions which included three previous offences of violence.

A statement made on behalf of the defendant responding to his horrific attack stated: “He fully accepts and takes responsibility for the assaults on those individuals and accepts making the comments” and that “he’s deeply sorry for what he did.”

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