Durham student investigated after making racist remarks in video

The student concerned told The Tab Durham he sincerely apologises for the hurt it has caused

Content warning: This article includes quotes of, and a link to a video containing racist language, which The Tab Durham actively condemns.

Durham University has tonight tweeted to confirm that they are responding to a video which has emerged online, appearing to show a Durham student making racist remarks.

The student concerned, Liam Quinn, a second year from St Aidan’s College, is shown making a number of derogatory comments against black people in the 41 second clip which appeared on Twitter earlier today.

The video in question features comments including: “In England, presents are given to us by Santa, in France, given to them by Père Noël, and in Africa given to them by Oxfam”, and when referencing two drinks he adds: “The black one is smelly, doesn’t taste as nice, and it has no rights. Whereas the red one tastes better, it represents the blood of Martin Luther king when he was shot.”

The original video has over 52,000 views as of the time of writing, and is believed to have been created around two and a half years ago.

When contacted by The Durham Tab, Quinn gave the following statement: “The video was recorded over two and a half years ago, when I was still at school. I deeply regret and condemn the things said in the video as they do not and have never reflected my beliefs.

“The matter was investigated by the police and dealt with by the appropriate authorities at the time.

“I have matured since then and understand the consequences words can have on others. I sincerely apologise for the hurt it has caused and I hope that the Durham community can accept me for who I am now, rather than the person in the video”.

Durham University’s tweet in response to the incident says: “A video has been reported to us which we are investigating as a matter of urgency. We are horrified by the contents of the video and condemn them in the strongest possible terms”.

It concludes, “The views expressed are quite simply unacceptable and have no place at Durham”.

The original video was uploaded as a reply to Durham University’s tweet yesterday, Tuesday 2nd June, in support of Blackout Tuesday. Their statement begins: “As a University community, we condemn all racism and hate crime in the strongest possible terms”.

The university added on Twitter that anybody affected by the video can access their “Report and Support” online tool, found here.

Durham University has been contacted by The Tab Durham for comment.