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10 things that happened on Palatinalps 2020

Selling Bongos Bingo for tonight!!

We’ve been back in Durham for a week now, and with summative deadlines on the horizon and a week of nights out under our belts, Palatinalps might seem like a distant and hazy dream for those of us who were on the trip.

Now that we’re back to reality, The Tab Durham reflects on the sequence of events summarising the hot mess that is Palatinalps 2020…

1. Those travelling by coach realised the error of their ways very quickly

17 hours of cramps, dehydration, being woken up when you've just dropped off to sleep and taking the ferry induced next-level nausea. *Rings Daddy to book plane ticket home*.

2. Many, many, many pairs of (and lonesome!) skis were taken

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Still unsure as to how anyone got back from après to be honest.

3. It quickly became clear who couldn’t ski to save their life and had given a warped sense of their skiing abilities before the trip

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You've got to back yourself in this life, but maybe you should have been a bit more honest with yourself before heading down that black run with your mates who are qualified ski instructors.

4. "*Palatinalps*" on Overheard became a trigger for anyone not on the trip after about 0.1 seconds

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*Palatinalps* *Palatinalps!!* *Palatinalps!!!!* (sorry not sorry)

5. Health rapidly deteriorated after a few days of après, après après

But starting at 3:30pm is surely a good idea? Bedtime became about 8pm. Ideal!

6. Some gave up skiing altogether after the first day

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"Yeah, do you know what? I'm only here for the après."

7. Towards the end, only the most elite of skiiers remained

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8. "HOW did I spent £200 in Folie Douce!!!!!!!" was a statement heard surprisingly often *despairs*

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You win some, you lose some.

9. For the beginners, hungover ski lessons and being told to BEND ZE KNEES became a pit of hell

Please help us. We can't ski. Why are we here? The only reason beginners persevered is for Marcel's Farm.

10. While the aesthetics were different, Alpe D'Huez essentially became Durham for a week. Apologies to the locals

You couldn't get on a chair lift without hearing about Wiff Waff / Flat White / Dread of the Billy B Next Term.

Everyone left happy, broke and needing about 2 more weeks holiday than they had left.

Photos: Ben Wiltshire