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Police called after porters’ lodge window smashed at Hatfield College

No arrests have been confirmed

At 10pm this evening police were called after reports of a window being broken at Hatfield College.

The window of the porters' lodge was smashed. No students were harmed, and no arrests have been confirmed.

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A student who was at the scene told The Durham Tab: "I was walking home at around 10 via the Bailey. As I was coming up to Hatfield I saw a police van with people crowding around it. There were two police officers, one of whom was talking to the Porters. The police van had its doors open, and I could hear voices at the back of the van. I could just about make out a figure in the back of the police van".

Porters have so far declined to comment on the situation. The Durham Tab has contacted the police constabulary for more information. Updates to follow.

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