Alexander Cohen
If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.

Why you should write for the Tab Durham

tl;dr – it’s fun

Oxford College apologises for ‘roadmen’ themed social

They said they hadn’t been aware of the ‘racist and classist connotations’

Durham student wins £32,000 on Who wants to be a Millionaire?

That’s over 10,000 meal deals

A Durham college has banned Robbie Williams’s ‘Angels’ from all events

People so excited someone ended up in hospital

Durham is getting a 24 hour McDonald’s

It’s a Christmas miracle

The Hatfield broken window was caused by a fight outside the porters’ lodge, police confirm

A 35-year-old has been detained

Mathew Hedges reveals psychological torture at the hands of UAE

‘I had to stand all day in ankle cuffs’

Police called after porters’ lodge window smashed at Hatfield College

No arrests have been confirmed

Which Peep Show character is your college?

If you can’t handle it you can just…you know…fuck off

Stacy review: the play Durham needs to see

A beautifully directed uncompromising take on the impacts of rape makes Stacy a unique experience

Durham University are boycotting UAE after the jailing of Matthew Hedges

They’ve suspended all field research there

Durham PhD student sentenced to life for spying in UAE

He has 30 days to appeal

Spring Awakening review: Dazed and confused

Passionless acting hampers an otherwise entertaining production of a poignant yet riotous musical

This man who tweeted that ‘tens of millions of Muslims support ISIS’ is now a Research Fellow at St Chad’s

He has also tweeted Anti-Semitic content

How to avoid people you hate at Durham

Say goodbye to those awkward encounters

I bought a Ouija board and spoke to the ghost of Durham Castle

Best tenner I’ve ever spent

Durham PhD student charged for spying by the UAE government

They claim he was only pretending to be an academic