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Clubbers of the Week

Time to rethink ‘Dullham’.

With freshers over, Durham got into full swing this week. With new nights launching, and few summatives looming, these clubbers of the week do not disappoint.

Biggest question is…. have you made it onto Clubbers of the Week?

Best Dressed

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007 is that you?

Best (and only) proposal

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I do?

Most awake clubbers

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Feelin' fresh. Check out those groovy moves!

Vlogger in action

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Like, comment and subscribe

Hottest clubber

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You thought we were kidding… Puffa season is back

Most passionate clubber

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Feelin' it

Most done with your shit

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You go Glen Coco

Biggest amount of drama unfolding

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He said what?!!

Think you're sikk… these guys are sikker

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Reppin' that cul-de-sac lyf xoxo

Threesome of the week

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Keep your friends close…

Biggest domestic?

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Happening in the foreground or the background??