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All the things you should do in your fresher year that you’ll regret not doing

Dear oncoming fresh,

Now that you've signed away your life for the next few years without having read the small print, it's time for a rundown on what to expect.

Overly high expectations mix with a sudden pang of anxiety and before you know it, all your hopes and dreams for what university would be like can crumble. Luckily The Durham Tab has a worked out what you should do, even if you won't.

1. Once you've signed up to sports and societies – make an appearance (or two)

You're at the freshers' fair! You've made it into a world of endless opportunity. But all you really want is the free luxury cupcakes at the stall in the corner. You make your move. You feign a few interested glances and the next thing you know you're giving away your email left, right and centre. There is however more to a freshers fair than freebies (as good as they may be).

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Making friends

Now it's time to actually attend some events! If you're feeling nervous, just remember everyone is in the same boat and, as cliché as it may sound, the more you put in, the more you'll get out.

Go out, try new things and make some friends (at the very least you'll have someone to rant to when you're on the verge of dropping out). Wholesome stuff right?

2. Attend your college's social events

Freshers' week has come and gone (along with your student loan and any self-respect you once had). With formatives rolling in and an hour too many spent slaving away in the Billy B, a good night out is probably on the top of your agenda. It's time for Michaelmas Ball.

Think of your college name in big bold lit-up letters. Think of a flawlessly presented three course meal. Think of racing around a dodgems track in black tie. It's exactly what you never knew you needed.

Although the ticket prices may seem sky-high at first, wacky-themed college balls are actually sick. With transport, food, live entertainment, and an opportunity to capture some banging photos for the 'gram, termly college socials are all-in-all pretty good value!

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3. Get involved in your college JCR

There is no better way to involve yourself in college life than to apply for a student position. If you're not satisfied with the way things are being run, unhappy with cliquey execs or just want a position of power (because let's face it, we all like that now and again), the Junior Common Room is the place to target.

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This'll look great on your CV, trust me

Once you get past the initial JCR jargon, you really can do anything. As boring as they may first appear, opportunities for involvement (and CV building) are abundant.

Of course, you may just wonder down there to get in on the juicy college drama and nab some free pizza slices. Why else did you think they were so popular?