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Durham SU president ‘furious’ at Uni’s decision to start lectures at 8am

No students or staff were consulted before the decision was made

The President of Durham Student’s Union, Megan Croll, has criticised Durham University for failing to consult students on its decision to introduce 8am lectures.

Megan cited a number of concerns, including insufficient sleep, reduced accessibility for disabled students, no time for breakfast, and safety issues in cold, dark winters.

The uni has justified the timetabling change as a temporary solution to its current lecture theatres' inability to meet rising student numbers.

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The University's decision has made national headlines in the last few days

The SU President told The Tab Durham: “I’m just furious that the University thought that having zero student input into this decision was acceptable; surely they should know better by now, but they never seem to learn.

"The student experience is consistently being damaged as the University’s strategy and masterplan take precedent over the wellbeing of our students.”

The University confirmed that Maths, Law, and the Business School will have their years split in two, with the latter two having various modules starting at 8 am.

Megan's statement and comment to The Tab Durham aren't her first criticism of the Uni's decision.

Reacting to the news on Facebook, she initially posted: “SURPRISE! Uni are gonna start putting lectures at 8 a.m.

"I found this out from the Palatinate myself because they chose not to mention it to me, or any students, because there’s been naff all in the way of consultation. Shocker”

Durham University has been contacted for comment.