Does everyone in the library hate you? Here are all the things you should not be doing in the Billy B

Save yourself getting shamed on Durfess

Seeing as you've literally just set foot inside Durham University Library for the first time ever, you're going to need some tips on how to handle yourself.

It's a tricky game in there – but don't worry! The Tab Durham is here to keep you safe. Here's our list of all the things you should categorically not be doing in the Bill Bryson library.

Don't turn up at 11am and expect a seat

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It's cute you tried

Don't talk loudly on the stairs in the atrium

Sound travels, and so does shade

Don't use a computer space when you don’t need a computer

Or worse, use a laptop right next to a working PC- why are you taunting us??

Don't rummage around for your campus card five seconds before the barriers

You come here literally every day, you know the drill

Don't judge people whilst they try to use the electronic bookshelves

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It's not like you know how to use them either

Don't write awkward Tindurs about people you know you’re going to see every single day

If you have your regular seat on Level 4 by the windows, so do they mate

Freshers, Don't wear your leavers hoodie to the library

Come on, it's like a literal target on your back

Only 2014s, '15s and '16s are acceptable

Don't forget to put your phone on silent

It’s awkward when someone’s phone blares out ‘Rockstar’ at 2:45pm

Don't photocopy a whole book, page by page at the printers

I really just want to print my 2 page summative, not watch you set up your printing press Gutenberg-style

Don't purposely leave your stuff on a table then run away to brunch for a year

We're watching you, and we know your game

Don't use someone else’s power sockets

I once came back from the loo to see an extension cable plugged into mine and let me tell you, I’ve never felt more betrayed

Don't recall books you don’t really need

Or ever tbh, think about the emotional impact that's going to have on that poor soul

Don't eat noisy food items

I can’t procrastinate properly over the sound of your munching

If someone is doing something that annoys you don't let them know

Just glare at them like a true Brit until they stop

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You'll only see them tomorrow: same time, same place