Durham uni’s cultural hotspots, rated and slated by the good people of TripAdvisor

More savage than any group chat

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Whilst it would seem that Durham is a place adored by students, locals and tourists alike, we took to TripAdvisor to investigate what the people of the internet are really saying.

The Cathedral

Starting with the most important attractions, of course, is the review of the Cathedral. Despite its stunning architecture and historic past, there seemed to be more gripping issues that left visitors unsatisfied.

The Castle

There's no secret skill needed to identify a Castle student… it won't take long for them to proudly tell you. Sorry, Castle dwellers, but Doug has just voiced what we've all been thinking – you're basically living in a 'tatty old house'.

Try Trevs if you want 'tatty', Doug

Durham River Walk

Considered one Durham's more beautiful walking spots, nothing quite beats a picturesque stroll along the banks of the River Wear – ah – except a walk along the banks of the River Cam. Classic.

Mr Price once again shattering the Doxbridge dream

Palace Green

Apparently this patch of grass is the eighth best thing to do in Durham. Who knew!

Gee, I can't wait to get home and mow

The Botanic Gardens

An insightful review.

Just hungry fish amongst twigs and mud

Market Square

Now, Market Square is hardly anyone's top hangout, but it's certainly a useful meeting place. Tell the drunk people trying to climb the statue at 3am post-Lloyds that it's just a 'monumental lump' and see what happens

Nicest monumental lump i've ever seen


Turns out it's all in the punctuation with this one. You never do know if you're going to have a 'klute!' or a 'Kulte.' kinda night.

Flat White

Despite the fact that there's probably some truth in this review, it isn't going to stop me waiting an hour for my avocado toast

Must be why a third Flat White is about to open


Lloyds gets a better review than Castle and tbh I'm ok with that.

bBest loo in Britain!

The whopping 78,483 reviews about Durham clearly show it's a much visited place, but the quality of cake and the hunger of the fish better be addressed soon if Durham wants to fare better on TripAdvisor in future.