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WINNERS: Durham’s Most Cringeworthy Couple

Here we have it people

Abi Riley and Martin Andrew have stolen your hearts and have earnt the infamous title 'Durham's Most Cringeworthy Couple'.

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The gruesome twosome took 151 of the 255 votes, that's a grand total of 59.22% of the votes. Unfortunately Tom Farrow and Billie Hickson only received 104 of your votes (40.78%).

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STOP pls

Abi and Martin have caused outrage in their college by opting to feed each other eclairs at dinner and even getting off in the queue for food. We spoke to the couple to get a few thoughts on their win.

How do you feel about your win?

Abi is delighted at the thought of becoming a BNOC, whilst Martin is traumatised.

Will this title deter you from being super cringe?

We considered changing our ways; but alas, we shall not.

Is there anyone you'd like to apologise to?

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to Matthew Grannan, who has arguably suffered the brunt of the cringe, and to our roommates, as we are concerned that we have plagued them this term with our near-constant physical contact.

What are your thoughts on the reasons as to why were you nominated?

We do not yet know the exact number of nominations that we received, nor have we learned all of the reasons yet, however we gladly accept them all because to be honest we know we’re terrible.

How will you be celebrating?

We will celebrate with a candlelit Greggs and a perhaps a night out in Jimmy’s afterwards; it was, after all, how this all began.

Durham students; I can only apologise that my extensive research has not resulted in the removal of such a cringeworthy couple, staring into one another's eyes in the streets.

Abi and Martin, enjoy it – we're only bitter because we are single.